Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Virtualized HPC and Customer Sessions For Your Consideration...VMworld 2014

Now that the floodgates are open, I wanted to let you know about some key sessions regarding virtualized high performance computing applications, analytics and Big Data.

Session 1682: Agile HPC-as-a-Service with VMware vCloud Automation Center
What I am aiming at is bringing the simplicity of deployment and integration that is available with Big Data Extensions to HPC clusters.  A simple idea that's already gotten very complicated very quickly but worth the effort to research.

Session 1688: Is Someone Bitcoin Mining on my Cluster? High Performance Security for Virtualized High Performance Computing
If we have these targeted compute clusters, what are we doing to make sure they are being used appropriately?  This issue will only become more prevalent so why not learn how to get in front of it?

Session 1428: Hadoop as a Service: Utilizing VMware vCloud Automation Center and Big Data Extensions at Adobe
Real world details of a customer I have worked with virtualizing and automating Hadoop deployments, from Chris Mutchler of Adobe.  This will be focused on the automation and self-service flexibility gained through virtualization and leveraging BDE.

Session 1424: Massively scaled VSAN Implementations
Another real customer implementation detailed with Frans Van Rooyen, a Compute Platform Architect at Adobe, around their use-case for VSAN for large-scaled analytics.

Session 1466: High-Performance Computing in the Virtualized Datacenter
Edmond DeMattia from the JHU Applied Physics Laboratory discusses his latest real world experience at scale of pooling virtualized compute clusters.  His session was a hit last year and I hope he gets a chance to update everyone this year on his work.

Session 1856: How to Engage with Your Engineering, Science, and Research Groups About Virtualization and Cloud Computing
This session is being done by my two good friends Matt Herreras, systems engineering manager for SLED and Josh Simons who works for the Office of the CTO focused on HPC.  For virtualizing HPC to work, getting the buy-in from the end-user is definitely necessary.

Session 2508: Extreme Computing on vSphere
Both Josh Simons and Bhavesh Davda from the Office of the CTO at VMware presenting on their virtualization of latency-sensitive workloads using Infiniband, GPGPUs and Xeon Phi from virtual machines.

Session 1539: Why the Hypervisor isn't a Commodity. Performance Best Practices from 3 Tier to HPC workloads
Bhavesh Davda and Aaron Blasius, a Product Line Manager for vSphere, discuss performance tips and tricks from the VMKernel.

Session 1232: Reference Architectures and Best Practices for Hadoop on vSphere
Justin Murray from VMware Tech Marketing and Chris Greer from Fedex discuss their current architecture for Hadoop on vSphere as well as look at how this is evolving for the next generation of Hadoop.

Session 1697: Hadoop on vSphere for the Enterprise
Joe Russell's, PM of Storage and Big Data for VMware, first customer panel discussing their experiences of virtualizing Hadoop including Northrop Grumman, Fedex, and Adobe.

Session 1807: Best Practices of Virtualizing Hadoop on vSphere - Customer Panel
Joe Russell's second customer panel including Adobe, Wells Fargo, and GE.

Customer Sessions:
Also, in addition to the customer panels, Adobe and JHU APL sessions, I would highly recommend voting for customer sessions on the given technologies that you want to see.  I always get asked for customer references for all different kinds of technologies and now is the opportunity for you to invite customers who want to talk about their implementations and lessons learned.  Please take advantage and help validate the work that these customers have done to advance the community.  A few examples in no particular order and certainly not a definitive list:
1400, Kroger and their ROBO implementation
2382, 2505, Symantec and their cloud implementation
2463, Francis Drilling Fluids and their SDDC
2770, University of Wisconsin and migrating to the vCenter Server Appliance
1526, Greenpages/LogisticsOne and VSAN
1635, MolsonCoors and their SDDC, including virtualizing SAP, using vCOps, VIN, and SRM
1897, Boeing and their ITaaS
2687, McAfee and Intel elastic cloud
2385, McKesson OneCloud
2285, Grizzly Oil and Horizon View

Thanks for taking the time to read and vote!

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