Thursday, January 30, 2014

My blog because REASONS!

Really?  Another tech blog?  Who cares?

Simply, I'm doing this for myself, to remember, and hopefully for anyone else interested, but still mainly to keep a chronicle.  I had written a blog for a few months when I was in Australia and my wife has kept our family blog alive and I read them to remember.  I wish I had the picture perfect memory I used to but with kids and time, I tend to forget all the little points along the way.  I remember the mountain tops and the dark valleys, but there is lots of stuff in between.

My work in technology is a big part of my life and I would like to share what I am working on, what I am working towards, and what am I looking forward to.  This blog is my own and will be my own opinions.  Because there's still a lot of work to do and places to go, this is my virtual hike.

Thanks for coming along on any part of it.

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